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Exposure is a huge element of any marketing campaign. Ideally, you want your firm to be as recognisable as the actual product that you are marketing. In some areas of the world, where people have grown up around certain brands, they don’t reach for a ‘tissue’ – they reach for a ‘kleenex’, they ‘hoover’ their living room, and so on.

Doing so requires a strong presence, over a long period of time. But, you must start somewhere. That means getting your business advertised, out there on the public consciousness. That means solid branding, and at Gecko Sticker Signs, our stickers have stood the test of time on behalf of thousands of clients.

We provide an enormous range of products. Vinyl stickers aren’t the only style of sticker that we provide to our clients, but they are among the most hard-wearing. Their construction, and our methods of careful installation, means they can withstand even the toughest assignments, without losing their vivid, standout appeal.

Our custom stickers and bumper stickers come to you through our proven sticker printing process. Over the years we have wrought a reputation for perfection, and timely arrivals of your order, ensuring that your marketing and branding is not falling behind.

To reach out to consumers and to grow your customer base requires brand recognition, and at Gecko, we provide a sticker that is capable of providing that, even in the toughest environments. We offer a wide range of sticker printing, of various styles and colours, and can work with you to find the ideal one for your firm.

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