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Wall Decals: Full-colour vibrant images printed on our high quality commercial-grade wall covering vinyl. Easy to apply. Cut to any shape and size, an eye-popping wall graphic can entice customers into your store and increase sales revenue.

Home applications such as kids rooms and full feature walls.


Note we recommend you request a sample to test prior to ordering as there are a number of reasons for the product not to adhere. We will not be held liable if the product does not adhere to the intended surface


Applying to a rough or porous surfaces seriously degrades adhesive abilities. Textured and painted walls presents some of the toughest challenges. The rougher the surface, the weaker the bond will be.


Most interior walls are painted. The two most common interior paints used are acrylic and enamel based paints. Acrylic is the most popular interior wall paint in Australian homes and offices and is more porous and not as suitable for vinyl graphic application. Most acrylic paints have a Teflon based surface protector which, by nature, resists adhesives.



Another consideration is the plasterboard underneath the paint. Underlying problems can lead to vinyl failure and can be difficult to spot. Moisture behind a plasterboard wall can cause the paper layer to release from the plasterboard core. Watch for walls that back onto a cooling system, waterpipes, overhead windows.


Another surface problem to watch for is simple dust. A textured wall can hide enough accumulated dust to cause the vinyl to adhere only temporarily. If you apply a wall graphic and it falls off the wall within the first 24 hours, dust may be the cause. Fortunately, this problem is avoided. Wipe down the wall area with a dry tack cloth before installation to make sure it's clean and dust free.


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