Tips On Attention-Grabbing Designs of Stickers and Decals.


From bumper stickers, window, vehicle decals and anything in between.

With 30 years in the printing industry we have picked up a thing or two along the way in designing attention-grabbing designs for printing of stickers and decals.

We’ve had many wonderful opportunities to work with great graphic designers and marketing companies, and learning common design layouts they use.

There are few common things that they implement in their designs to immediately grab and hold the attention of their intended audience.

One important thing to remember is that if you’re not Coca Cola, or the likes of, chances are people don’t know your brand, your logo or what you do.

As much as we all pride ourselves on our logo or brand, we should not make it a large part of our design because most of us don’t have the budget of Coca Cola

for instant brand recognition.

We should rather be aiming on grabbing attention are trying to attract more prospect clients.

This brings us to some important design points:


  1. Heading of your design. This works best if you use a question or problem solution type heading. For example: do you want to lose 10kg in a month?
  2. Aggravate the problem. For example: we know it’s hard and you may have tried several times and failed
  3. For example: we have help 1000s of people with our proven easy to follow program. (provide proof where possible).
  4. Pictures tell a 1000 words.
  5. Call to action. Describe what you want them to do. For example: Call Now for One Month Free trail.


With the layout of the design, these points should take up most of your design along with your URL (website address).

Website address should be a large part as it is easier to remember a website over a phone number or email address. In addition, your website has all your information and contact details anyway. Make the website address easy to see.

Still have your email and phone number but not as large.

A really cool thing to add is a QR barcode so people can basically scan the code and have your business card details added to straight to thier phone. You can do this free online. Google “free QR code maker”.

This brings us to the last part.

Your Logo.

Have your logo in a corner just large enough to see, your URL should be larger as this contains everything your company and brand does, not your Logo.

I hope you found this helpful.

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