Hi Tack Vinyl Stickers


Hi Tack Vinyl Stickers

High Tack stickers are the same as our vinyl and bumper sticker outdoor durable products but with one difference a more aggressive adhesive to stick to hard to sticker or low surface tension surface such as plastics, painted, timber, powder coated etc. If you are unsure if you require a hi tack sticker please contact us so we can advice you on the correct product.

Note we have 3 hi tack products available:

  • Standard hi tack
  • Extra hi tack
  • Super hi tack

Our quote calculator is only based on the standard hi tack

At Gecko Sticker Signs, we know the importance of these branding tools. Eye-catching and bold vinyl hi tack stickers are versatile. They can be printed digitally, in a huge variety of sizes and formats, from your traditional rectangle to more modernised and intricate designs and logos. Our vinyl hi tack stickers are printed on high-quality outdoor PVC vinyl and are built to last. They will stand up to UV. They come with a variety of hi tack adhesives, for any application. They are waterproof, and scratch resistant, and will stand up as a long-term marketing investment, both indoor and outdoors.


Not only do we guarantee that your stickers will be free of production mistakes (or we’ll reprint them at no additional
cost) but we also ship Australia-wide for FREE!

We’ll make sure your orders are dispatched on time and keep you updated every step of the way—that’s the Gecko Sticker

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