Variable Data | Personalised Stickers


Variable Data | Personalised Sticker

Variable Data Stickers (also known as personalised stickers or sequential information stickers) are a great way to quickly and easily personalize your product or simply keep track of them for easy identification. One great benefit of these stickers is just how easy they are to personalize. A great story is Coca-Cola (as well as some other brands) using this type of personalisation as a powerful promotional tool where they had personalized their product with people’s names. This was a massive success for them – please see the link to the story of the Coca-Cola promotional campaign.

See Coca Cola’s full story here

Imagine having a new product launch and sending each customer a personalized sample of your product. Nothing shows them you care more than personalization. Think of great ways you can use them such as membership bumper stickers, gift labels, on packaging, the list goes on.


Other uses are variable data such as asset labels, barcode labels, and QR codes.

Stickers can be designed in a way where all or part of the label information needs to be unique. Parts of the sticker can remain the same such as logos and images, but have changing text, numbers, barcodes or QR codes.

For example, you can have a few lines of text change or just one word; or each have a unique number, different barcode or QR code.

These stickers can be a very powerful marketing tool or purely for identification uses.




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