We get asked a lot about the durability of our products.

Here’s the Truth and why we choose Latex and UV printers over standard outdoor Solvent Printers

This chart below shows the general outdoor fade resistances of all outdoor inks whether it be UV, Solvent or Latex



Here is the official Latex ink durability from HP



Eventually, colours will succumb to the bleaching effect of sunlight. What’s more, the lightfastness of inks varies depending on several factors, including the formulation of the ink, the media used and the intensity of the UV light. Other outdoor factors in the atmosphere, such as ozone, salt air, humidity and air pollutants, also affect the longevity of any ink, including latex inks, UV Inks and solvent inks.

Because many factors affect UV resistance, any claims that a printer or ink manufacturer about the lightfastness of their inks must be regarded as general estimates of performance. Typically the guidelines that the manufacturers provide are not statements of warranty. Compared to other inks, latex inks are also very durable. Because latex inks are comprised of pigments rather than dyes, their fade resistance when exposed to the sun’s UV rays is much greater. While pigments last longer than dyes in an outdoor application, they won’t last forever.

Why We choose Latex and UV over Solvent.

Even though the fade resistant is similar both latex and Uv have their advantages:

  • They are Greenguard certified ( better for the environment and our employee’s health).
  • They print on a wider range of print media
  • No Out Gassing required like solvent printers ( solvent requires 12 to 24 hour). No Out Gassing meaning faster production.
  • UV has a higher resistance to very harsh chemicals such as turpentine, Metholated Spirits even Thinners without a laminate.
  • Both UV and Latex have a much higher scratch resistance and general cleaner resistance compared to solvent. (saving you money on not requiring laminate on all applications) See Chart Below

           Standard Solvent       vs        UV and Latex Printers

This is a scratch test with 400-grade sandpaper rubbed over both samples 100 times


Below is some useful information on our SUV – UV printer Inks


About the print media we print on and the cad cut vinyl we use.

Our printed media are from some of the world leaders in outdoor vinyl media manufactured in Germany and France. We have tested these products ourselves over several years in some of the very harsh environments against other leading brands to form our own opinion and not just the claims from the manufacturer’s. The reason we choose to do this is that Australia has some of the harshest conditions in the world, keeping in mind that the manufacturers of print media test in Lab in conditions that don’t compare to Australia’s harsh environment.

Our range of vinyl

Our Standard minimum outdoor print media vinyl is a 4-5 year outdoor vinyl and the range goes up from there with our Extra Hi-tack and being a 7-year vinyl.

Our Coloured Cad cut vinyl range from a 5 to 7-year outdoor durability.

If you have any further Questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.