Today we are talking about sticker adhesives and why they are so important.

Even the best of stickers only succeed with the right adhesives.

Nowadays adhesives in stickers must adhere to a wide range of surfaces.

Not all adhesives are the same.

  • Permanent
  • Removable
  • Repositionable
  • Hi Tack

Are the main types of adhesives you find with stickers.

From there they are broken down into specialized adhesives to certain surfaces.

For example:

  • Concrete sticker adhesives
  • Carpet sticker adhesives
  • Low surface tension sticker adhesives, such as plastic, powder coats etc.
  • Brick and render wall sticker adhesives
  • Plaster wall sticker adhesive

A lot of enquiries we get are customers wanting a sticker to suit all surfaces.

Unfortunately , it is not possible.

The sticker will either not perform (bond) correctly or it may fail to bond at all.

This is the reason we ask questions about the intended surface or surfaces they are being applied to.

Be aware of some online sticker companies offering the same product or adhesive type for all applications. While “one sticker for all surfaces” sounds great, in reality this is very wrong and you will be left feeling disappaointed and frustrated with stickers that simply don’t work or perform as well as they should.

Although standard permanent adhesive stickers work on a large range of surfaces and products, there are surfaces where they will fail to bond correctly or fail to stick  all together.

Some surfaces where standard permanent stickers will fail to bond correct include, but are not limited to, are:

  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Plastic
  • Fibro sheets etc.

Always be clear on the surface or surfaces you require the stickers to stick to.

Ask for Samples to test.

Why choose us? We have one of the largest range of sticker adhesives to suit a large range of surfaces out of all the online sticker suppliers and we back our products 100% everytime! If we think a product won’t work, we will let you know upfront to save you time and money down the drain.

That’s it on today’s subject.

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